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A simple suite of software for professional photographers.
Sports, Portraits & Special Events
Click. Tap. Ding.
At the root of the Now Candid system is the concept of Click. Tap. Ding. Go from taking pictures to taking orders in 3 quick steps.
watch the process in action
Putting the Photographer First
Now Candid is on the same team as the photographer, only making money when the photographer does. Also means Now Candid is free to test out.
Save time, money and labor by reducing pre and post event work letting the photographer focus on photography.
Use your branding throughout the entire process. From pre-event materials to on-going email/text marketing campaigns.
Marketing Plans
Our system maximizes sales through automated marketing that incentivizes customers to buy when their interest is high.
Direct to consumer fulfillment and shipping also saves the photographer time, money and labor.
Margin-based profit sharing eliminates complicated accounting and hidden fees. Choose your pricing level and margin and get paid faster after events.

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