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Snap . Sync . Send


It all starts with a Snap! Capture and quickly upload images of your subjects.


Use our variety of Workflows to pair images to their subjects efficiently.


Send Personal Image Galleries and notify your customers automatically.

We Put the Photographer First

Everything we do aims to help you succeed


NowCandid is on your team, only making money when you do! No startup fees, upsells, hidden fees, or subscriptions. Really!


Once you set up your event and upload your images, the rest of the process is automatic. Retail, marketing, fulfilment, and even customer support!


Everything from the marketing campaigns to the retail site features your brand first and foremost. Even when we handle your customer support for you.

Speedy Marketing

Our system utilizes automated marketing campaigns that begin the moment you upload your images, allowing you to sell ON-SITE! (When live-uploading while tethered!)


With our system, you profit on shipping! Plus, our automated direct to consumer fulfilment keeps your workload light. Orders ship within 48 hours of the order being placed.


Upfront profit-sharing margins eliminate complicated accounting and hidden fees. Set your own margins and get paid every Friday.

Experience the Impact

Real Stories, Real Success - Discover Why Photographers Love Us

Amy & Brian

"It is nice to be able to just focus on the photography aspect knowing that the sales, marketing, and technical features are being handled by NowCandid."
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Jason J.

"Maximizing every photo opportunity with NowCandid not only raised our sales significantly, it also improved the entire event photography experience."
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Tosha L.

"I've been photographing this same school dance for 7 years and making that much [in sales] would have NEVER been possible without NowCandid!"
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Eric M.

"I am at $6,700 earned and counting. I am beyond speechless. I'm gobsmacked. I'm overjoyed. I am stunned." (And that reaction was before it hit $15,000+ days later!)
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Bruce H.

"Let me say this one thing right off the bat, I'll never do it the old way again. This is life-changing!"
"$30 a head... I've never seen my sales be that high."
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Eric M.

“We had a very successful Father/ Daughter dance. Last year, dads had to pay with a paper order form, & many left because of the line. This year, we used NowCandid.”
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Additional Tools!

AI Assistant

Have a quick question? Ask C.A.N.D.Y. anything you need to know about NowCandid. She's still learning, but she's already a supercharged FAQ!
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Dashboard App

Our mobile app's user-friendly interface allows you to create and manage events, view reports, receive push notifications for sales, and more.
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Capture & Upload

Our Capture & Upload app facilitates several of our Workflows and allows the live-uploading of your images to the cloud! Use Windows or iOS.
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