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Click . Tap . Ding


It all starts with a Click, capturing and uploading images of your subjects


Subjects can Tap in info on your tablet or on their phone, pairing info to their images using facial recognition


Subjects' phones will Ding within minutes as personal retail galleries are sent directly to them

We Put the Photographer First

Everything Now Candid does aims to help you succeed


Now Candid is on your team, only making money when you do! No start up fees, upsells, or subscriptions.


Once you set up your event and upload your images, the rest of the process is automatic. Retail, marketing, fulfilment, and even customer support!


Everything from the marketing campaigns to the retail site features your brand first and foremost. The better you do, the better we do!

Speedy Marketing

Our system utilizes automated marketing campaigns that begin the moment you upload your images! Allowing you to sell ON-SITE when using a tablet. Instant gratification!


With our system, you profit on shipping! Plus, our automated direct to consumer fulfilment keeps your workload light. Orders ship within 48 hours of the order being placed.


Upfront profit sharing margins eliminates complicated accounting and hidden fees. Set your own margins and get paid every Friday.

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