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How do I incorporate Now Candid systems into my existing photography business?

Now Candid can be helpful whether you have an established business, are an independent photographer, or are just getting started in photography. It can replace current workflows you may use, help you branch into new markets, and add new services you can offer. Get started by creating an account here.

What costs are associated with adding any of the Now Candid systems?

Under the Quic Pics service system the photographer is paid a fee from the organization to provide images to guests compliments of their hosts. With this system there is a $0.31 per image upload fee, there is no charge for images downloads.

When using any of the other systems there are no associated fees.

How do customers see their images?

Once you take a picture of a subject they are able to identify themselves in the images using a tablet. You can tap their face in the picture and enter their phone number one time. Subjects then receive their images via a text message in minutes. Alternatively, they can receive a link to a personal image gallery where they can order on the spot and after the event.

What equipment do I need?

Virtually any Canon or Nikon will work, but we recommend the Nikon D7500. You will also need a speedlight. For this we recommend the Nikon SB-5000. We recommend a Microsoft Surface Go with LTE to upload images as they are taken and collect data. Click here for a complete Gear List.

Are there ongoing opportunities to sell products after the event?

Yes! Depending on which service system you choose, there are automated ongoing text and email marketing plans set up to maximize your sales.

I want to get started, how can I best break into my local market?

We have seasoned representatives available to connect with and help you get started. After you set up an account you will be introduced to your customer service representative.

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If you’re a photographer looking to add Now Candid services to your wheelhouse – set up a call with us!