FaceMatch Import

The purpose of using FaceMatch Import is to save time and skip contact info collection from people who are already your customers, meaning you already have their contact info and a corresponding portrait of them. Those two pieces, contact information and a portrait, can be uploaded to our FaceMatch Import interface to create a group of reference images you can import into your NowCandid Events. This concept is great for photographers who are hired by the same group routinely. For example, a photographer who takes school portraits in the fall can use this workflow and apply those faces to later jobs for that group such as their graduation ceremony.

Creating a FaceMatch Import: Import your own set of contact information and images that you have collected at a previous job (even if it is outside of our system).

Upload Event Images: Automatically via tablet during the event OR manually upload after the event via

Automatic Marketing: These photos are then marketed to the participants, by sending them a link to their Personal Image Gallery within minutes of the images being uploaded!

Advantages & Things to Consider

Streamlines the process of identifying subjects, saving you post-event work and ensuring that every photo finds its match.

The choice between live-upload or post-event upload allows you to work in the way that best suits your workflow and event dynamics.

The first match triggers the automatic marketing campaign delivering Personal Image Galleries to each subjects uploaded contact info.

This workflow involves pre-event preparation, including compiling contact info, matching headshots, and uploading these into the FaceMatch Import interface.

The accuracy of our Face Matching depends on the quality and representativeness of the reference portraits uploaded.

Uploaded contact info can often be out-of-date or less effective, so make sure you have recent data!

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