Selfie Check-In

Selfie Check-in is a quick way for subjects to input their contact information and upload a reference image (selfie). You’ll collect a selfie (which acts as a reference image for facial recognition) and contact information to direct the buyer to their personal image gallery. Selfie Check-In is most often used at large events such as a Graduation ceremony but can work for a variety of situations like Proms and Sports photoshoots. This Workflow can reduce or eliminate the need for the photographer to have one or more tablets at the event. With the use of a tablet, snap their pic and watch it upload to their gallery immediately. For those without a tablet, images can also be quickly uploaded after the event via a computer.

Collect Contact Info: Uses a single Event QR code generated when you create your Event. Subjects can register prior to the event or at event check-in. Pre and post-event Selfie Check-In is also possible. The subject enters the data you need to collect and uploads their image using their own mobile phone.

Upload Images: Automatically upload images while you shoot via a tablet during the event OR manually upload images after the event via

Automatic Marketing: These photos are then marketed to the participants, by sending them a link to their Personal Image Gallery within minutes of the images being uploaded.

Advantages & Things to Consider

With options to live-upload during the event or upload images afterwards via, you have the flexibility to choose what works best for you.

Subjects' selfies become their reference images, allowing for fast and accurate image matching once event photos are uploaded.

When using this workflow with students, collects parent's contact info as well almost 90% of the time.

QR codes can be easily incorporated into signs, lanyards, or other event materials, making this a versatile workflow adaptable to various event types.

As images are matched to reference selfies, Personal Image Galleries are automatically sent to the corresponding contact information.

By scanning the QR code and uploading a selfie, subjects engage with the process, creating an interactive experience that can add fun to the event.

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