Type & Take

Type & Take offers a simplified, user-friendly approach to event photography. This method pairs a tethered camera with an LTE tablet to streamline the process of capturing and associating images with the subjects. First, subjects input their contact information on the tablet, initiating a new 'session'. All subsequent images taken will be associated with that contact info, creating a seamless, personalized experience for event participants. Those images will be uploaded and marketed to the input contact info until a new session is initiated.

Collect Contact Info: Before being photographed, subjects input their contact information directly into the tablet. This starts a new session, with all subsequent photos tied to the entered contact info.

Upload Images: Photos are live-uploaded as you take them, enabling real-time image viewing.

Automatic Marketing: These photos are then marketed to the participants, by sending them a link to their Personal Image Gallery within minutes of the images being uploaded!

Advantages & Things to Consider

Straightforward and simple, allowing youto focus on capturing great shots rather than handling technical details.

Every photo is positively identified and marketed directly to the participants, instantly.

Can be used with roaming photographers carrying the tablet with a shoulder strap, or with stationary photography setups using a tripod.

Requires the use of a tablet tethered to the camera, so be sure your equipment is compatible and set up properly.

Each session starts with each new set of contact info, so there may be brief pauses in photography during the transition.

If the same person or group is photographed again later, they will need to enter their contact info again.

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