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Jason Jackson: Using Face Matching to its Fullest

Jason Jackson: Using Face Matching to its Fullest

Welcome to another inspiring success story from the world of NowCandid!

In this feature, we're shining the spotlight on Jason Jackson, a talented photographer based in Texas.

Jason Jackson of TSS Photography

Jason's recent venture at a collegiate ring ceremony using NowCandid's GradPics Now Program and Selfie Check-In Workflow showcases the transformative power of our platform in the realm of event photography.

The Numbers

Jason Jackson's latest Event, a collegiate ring ceremony, has been a resounding success. Utilizing the GradPics Now Program alongside the Selfie Check-In Workflow, he managed to generate an impressive $5000 in sales with 122 participants, all within just two weeks of the Event!

This feat translates to an average of over $39 in sales per participant, all while earning an outstanding 78.8% profit margin as well.

The Power of More Photos

Something that played a part in Jason's success was how many photos he took – well over 2000! For only 122 participants!

Taking a higher number of photos correlates strongly with increased sales, and Jason's recent experience backs up that idea even more.

Jason elaborated, "Our key takeaway: taking more pictures significantly boosts sales. The broader the selection, the more they're inclined to purchase!"

His conclusion is clear – a wider range of images encourages more (and larger) orders, a concept NowCandid's Face Matching technology effortlessly supports by accurately pairing each photo with the right individual, allowing you (the photographer) unlimited freedom to take as many photos as you want.

Multiple poses, family photos, portraits, even shots of your subjects in action! No matter how many photos you take of your subjects, NowCandid's Face Matching has you covered.

Family Photo Station Enhances Sales

Jason's introduction of a family photo station also proved to be a strategic move in maximizing sales. This approach demonstrates how creative thinking and adapting to circumstances can substantially elevate sales performance in Event photography.

"We adapted to rain at the event by moving the family photo station indoors during the morning session," Jason explained. "The decision to retain this setup for the afternoon significantly boosted overall participation."

Embracing Opportunities with NowCandid

Jason Jackson's story is a powerful story of the potential that new innovations in photography sales have brought about. It also exemplifies how leveraging NowCandid's tools and features can transform standard Events into even more lucrative opportunities for photographers.

For more insights and success stories from the world of NowCandid, stay tuned!

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NowCandid 101
February 6, 2024

Webinars You Can't Miss

 minutes read

We have several webinars coming up!

We'll be covering several topics in the future, from Social Events to Portraits to Sports! But for now, join us for our webinar on Graduations & GradPics Now!

Feb 12, 2024

12:00pm cst | GradPics Now: Increase Graduation Sales Easily with NowCandid

(Click a webinar title to register)

More Coming Soon!

We'll send out updates with more webinar details as we finalize them!

See you there!

Update Alert: NowCandid's Capture & Upload Hits Version 3.14!
Feature Updates
February 1, 2024

Update Alert: NowCandid's Capture & Upload Hits Version 3.14!

 minutes read
Hello, NowCandid family! 🌟

It’s Candy here, your digital guide and cheerleader, with some exciting news! We’ve had a whirlwind of updates from versions 3.11 through 3.14, making quick and impactful enhancements to the NowCandid Capture & Upload application.

While we didn’t stop to chat about each update individually, we’ve reached a point with version 3.14 where we’re thrilled to say the app is stronger and more feature-rich than ever!

So, let’s get everyone up to speed with version 3.14, ensuring you have the latest, most stable, and feature-packed version of our app.

Version 3.14 - The Latest & Greatest:

  • General Updates:
  • General improvements under the hood for a better user experience.

  • Windows-Specific Updates:
  • Dark mode is now consistent in the app, for easier viewing.
  • Helpful reminders to check your taskbar for app notifications.
  • Overall app performance boost, making it faster and more efficient.
  • Increased app memory usage for smoother operation.

Version 3.13:

  • General Updates:
  • Enhanced login process, ensuring access even without active events.
  • Improved user interaction for a smoother experience.

  • Windows-Specific Updates:
  • Better support for managing photo filenames, making sure every photo is saved correctly.

Version 3.12:

  • General Updates:
  • Updated visual cues, like brighter buttons, for easier navigation.
  • Quicker response times when interacting with the app.

  • Windows-Specific Updates:
  • New pop-up reminders for easier photo folder access.
  • Optimizations for camera connectivity and photo saving.

Version 3.11:

  • General Updates:
  • Simplified version numbering for easy tracking.
  • NowCandid logo now comes with version info for quick reference.

  • Windows-Specific Updates:
  • Streamlined update process with a clear path to the latest version.
  • Minor fixes and tweaks for an improved app experience.

We're thrilled with the journey from versions 3.11 to 3.14 and all the positive changes each update has brought!

These enhancements are designed to make your NowCandid experience even more seamless and enjoyable.

If you have any feedback or run into issues, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Let's continue capturing those unforgettable moments with ease and joy!

Keep snapping,
Candy 🌟
NowCandid's Exciting 2024 Trade Show Lineup
January 2, 2024

NowCandid's Exciting 2024 Trade Show Lineup

 minutes read
Photography enthusiasts, get ready!

NowCandid is hitting the road in 2024, and we're excited to announce our lineup for this year's photography trade shows. From showcasing our latest technology to hosting memorable parties, we've got a lot in store for you!

Our 2024 Trade Show Lineup:

SPAC 2024
  • January 24-27, Las Vegas, Nevada

Imaging USA 2024
  • January 25-30, Louisville, Kentucky

Photo Booth Expo 2024
  • February 19-22, Las Vegas, Nevada

SYNC 2024
  • February 22-25, Orlando, Florida

WPPI 2024
  • March 3-7, Las Vegas, Nevada

What We're Bringing to the Shows:

Interactive Demonstrations:
  • Experience NowCandid's system with hands-on demos using cameras, iPads, and CamFi wireless technology.

Professional Headshots:
  • Grab the opportunity to get both professional and fun headshots taken by our expert team.

Fun Swag:
  • We're bringing a variety of cool and fun swag for you to take home.

Beginner Booklets:
  • New to NowCandid? Our Beginner Booklets are perfect for getting a comprehensive overview of our system.

Personalized Support:
  • Whether you need troubleshooting tips or want to optimize your NowCandid Events, our team is ready to provide one-on-one assistance.

Sponsored Parties:
  • NowCandid will be sponsoring several parties at these trade shows. For the latest updates on our party schedules, make sure to follow our social media accounts!

Let's Make 2024 Unforgettable Together!

We're geared up to make 2024 a landmark year in photography. Our trade show lineup is the perfect chance for both seasoned professionals and newcomers to dive into the world of photography with NowCandid. Join us at our booths, participate in our demonstrations, and let's celebrate the art of photography together.

Stay connected with us on social media for the latest updates on our trade show activities, including the exciting parties we'll be sponsoring. See you at the shows!

Let’s get in touch

If you’re a photographer looking to add NowCandid services to your wheelhouse – set up a call by clicking the button below.

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