Tap-A-Face is a simple way for photographers to collect contact data. This workflow is mostly used for social events, but can also be used for small graduations and sports shoots. Using this workflow, you only need to collect contact information ONE TIME! All additional pictures taken are automatically added to the subjects personalized image gallery using facial recognition.

Collect Contact Info: Photograph the subject - their image will upload to the cloud in real time. The subject will then use the tablet to tap their face and enter their contact data.

Upload Images: Photos are live-uploaded as you take them, enabling real-time image viewing.

Automatic Marketing: These photos are then marketed to the participants, by sending them a link to their Personal Image Gallery within minutes of the images being uploaded!

Advantages & Things to Consider

Photographers can ensure data collection

Quick way to both identify the subject & collect data

The fast upload and distribution of image gallery links is perfect for onsite sales!

Collecting email addresses is slower than cell numbers. But more marketing messages can be sent to email addresses over time.

Make sure people tap right on their face for the best results!

Help clients watch for typos in their contact info!

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