Scanner ID

Scanner ID is an innovative and efficient method for professional event photography. It utilizes unique Scan Cards that you generate and print after creating your event. These cards can be scanned by the subjects themselves to input their contact information (and that of their family, if desired). Once the Scan Card is scanned by your Teemi Scanner, attached to your LTE tablet tethered to your camera, every photograph taken will be associated with that Scan Card until a new one is scanned.

Collect Contact Info: Creates unique Scan Cards which subjects scan to input their contact information with their phone.

Scan Their Card: Before photographing a subject, scan their Scan Card with the Teemi Scanner connected to your tethered tablet. This links all subsequent photos to that contact infountil a new Scan Card is scanned.

Live Upload: As you photograph, each image will automatically appear on your tablet and upload to the cloud in real-time, marketing photos to your subjects right away!

Advantages & Things to Consider

Offers a streamlined and efficient process for event photography, significantly reducing post-event work.

Each photo is positively ID'd to the Scan Card holder, ensuring that the right images are marketed to the right people.

Attach your tablet to a tripod for optimum results, especially for stationary photography and portraits.

Keep in mind that you'll need to generate and print the Scan Cards prior to the event, which requires some planning.

Requires the use of a tablet and a Teemi Scanner, so ensure your equipment is ready and compatible.

Scan Cards can be kept by the subjects and used to access their personal image gallery even after the event.

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