Name Lookup

The Name Lookup workflow is designed to make professional event photography an effortless, streamlined process. With this workflow, you start by uploading a roster of contact info for event attendees. Then, using an LTE tablet tethered to your camera, simply select the subject's name from the dropdown list before you start snapping. Each image you take will pop up on the tablet, be uploaded to the cloud, and be automatically marketed to the contact info associated with the selected name.

Upload Roster: Begin by uploading a comprehensive list of event attendees with their contact info in your event's advanced settings. This roster forms the basis of the Name Lookup workflow.

Select Name: Before photographing a subject, find and select their name from the dropdown list on your tethered tablet. This links all subsequent photos to that individual until a new name is selected.

Live Upload: As you photograph, each image will automatically appear on your tablet and upload to the cloud in real-time, marketing photos to your subjects right away!

Advantages & Things to Consider

Simplifies the process of matching photos with subjects, allowing you to concentrate on capturing the best shots.

Each photo is Positively ID'd to the selected name, ensuring accurate marketing to event attendees.

Can be utilized whether you're a roaming photographer with a tablet on a shoulder strap or conducting stationary photography with a tripod setup.

Does not have an All Images Gallery, only Personal Image Galleries, so it is great for privacy!

With the roster uploaded in advance, the Name Lookup method provides an easy and efficient way to manage a large number of subjects.

Keep in mind, he success of this workflow is dependent on the effectiveness of the uploaded contact info.

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