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Drive Sales Using Party Pics Now

Drive Sales Using Party Pics Now

“We had a very successful Father/Daughter dance. The assistant principal was shocked at how organized and fast the pictures were this year. She also said that she didn't think dads would buy photos online. I told her that with my system, they will (this was our first year covering this event). Last year, dads had to pay with a paper order form, and many of them left the dance without taking photos because the line was so long. This year, we used Now Candid’s Party Pics Now, with Tap-A-Face. And when dads entered a phone number, we asked them to put mom's cell phone number in.” - Eric Miller

(screenshot of the event report taken before $2,100 was reached)
  • In one week, this event has done over $2,100 in sales and has ~$13.65 in sales per father’s face tapped.
  • Father/Daughter pairs were shot with a sparkling golden backdrop for most photos.
  • Price Level 11 (the most expensive PPN price level) was used for this event. Accounting for the 85% margin digital downloads and Price Level 11's 80% margin on physical products: Miller’s total profit margin was 82% of all sales and shipping.
  • No additional fees, charges, or unexpected costs makes for easy and instant accounting, and funds were deposited to his account within the week

Overall, this event was a homerun for MillerFoto and a great example of how effective Now Candid’s systems can be when you shoot quality photography and book quality events.

Thanks for sharing, Eric!

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New Reporting Feature
March 7, 2023

New Reporting Feature

 minutes read

Recently, we rolled out a much-needed reporting tool for our NowCandid™ users! Two new reporting tools that will be able to give you a macro view into your business’s performance, as well as a lot of helpful data and analytics on your events!


Tool #1, the Sales Report:

This report focuses on reporting all your sales within a date range! It’s filterable by which NowCandid™ program you’re using as well and can report your sales by day or your sales by month. Once you have your date range, filters, and date format set, you’ll get a reactive bar graph as well as a series of totals and averages for your sales performance within that date range! This report is great for quickly getting an idea of your overall income and margin.


Tool #2, the Events Report:

This second report is where you can really dig into your various metrics. Instead of reporting on all sales during a date range, when you choose a date range, you’re selecting all the events that have a Start Date within that date range. Those events and their totals will be what’s included in this report! So residual sales on older events would not be included like they would be in the Sales Report. After you choose a date range, this report can also be filtered by NowCandid™ program! You can also choose whether to include $0 sale test events you may have made, so that you don’t drag down your averages on this report. If there are any non-$0 sale events you don’t want included, you can click the checkbox by the event to remove it from your total and averages as well! And lastly, once the information you are interested in is being displayed to you, you can export the data to preserve as a spreadsheet on your own device.


With several ways to look at your business’s performance, we believe these tools will be a great benefit to our users and help them make the most of their account with NowCandid™. Our users will no longer have to guess or run a separate spreadsheet to understand their business’ performance or their overall margins. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback!


Backprinting: The newest feature to promote your brand
March 3, 2023

Backprinting: The newest feature to promote your brand

 minutes read

With NowCandid, we stress how we try to make everything as white-label as possible.

This week, we've officially implemented a new feature that promotes your brand and drives sales in yet another way: Backprinting! Going forward, your business name, your contact info and the retail support email address will be on the back of all standard print products ordered (with the ability to include your business logo coming soon). Plus, the back of the print includes a unique QR code that when scanned, directs back to that person's individual gallery from that event (even if scanned 10 years from now) so they can buy more prints and increase your residual sales long term! With this change, all NowCandid users will now be delivering an even higher quality product, promoting their brands more effectively than ever, booking more business, and bringing in more residual sales as the years go on.

We hope you are as excited as we are!

Note: your business name will replace NowCandid in the example image.

How One Night Led to $15,000 in Sales
Success Stories
December 12, 2022

How One Night Led to $15,000 in Sales

 minutes read

Amy Lombardo, and her photography group recently sent several photographers to a military ball and at the time of writing this article, had over $15,000 in sales! To accomplish this, Amy used Now Candid’s Party Pics Now program & Tap A Face workflow with 4 photographers at the event. Several of these photographers worked photo stations with backdrops Amy provided (gray backgrounds with flags bordering the background) while other photographers roamed the party taking posed photos of the guests.

$15,000 is a lot of sales for one social event already, but it is especially impressive when you consider the fact that this was Amy’s first Now Candid event.

Amy Lombardo had this advice for those considering using Now Candid for their next event: “Keep it simple and trust the process. … When planning my first Now Candid event, I was advised to not overcomplicate things and to not get hung up on some of the more minor details. Following through with how the system is intended to work turned out very well for us!”

Thanks for trusting the process Amy! We wish you many successful events to come. To see Amy’s entire video testimonial, click the play button below.

Let’s get in touch

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