Background Removal

Certification Process

To utilize our Background Removal service, it's essential to become certified by submitting sample images for review.

A simple suite of software for professional photographers.

Certification Image

  • For the initial test, you'll need to submit a variety of images.
  • Three Full-Length Images
  • Three 3/4 Length Images
  • Three Close-Up Images
Full body portrait on white background3/4 body portrait on white backgroundClose up portrait on white background

Image and Photography Guidelines

  • Background: Shoot on a white non-high key background. Suitable materials include fleece (Westcott recommended), paper muslin, or vinyl.
  • Lighting: Light the subject, not the background. This helps the background shift to a light to medium gray, which is ideal for BGR.
  • Composition: Ensure the subject is not shot off the background.
  • File Size: Each image's file size must be under 8 MB (megabytes) and 24 MP (megapixels)

Submission Process

  • Email your images for certification to
  • If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact Steve Foisy at or call 800-336-4550 Ext 479.


  • Once we receive your images, they will be processed, and feedback will be provided based on the results.
  • This certification process ensures that you can make the most out of our Background Removal service, creating stunning, professional-quality images for your clients.

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