Scanner Identification

Scanner Identification requires the use of QR codes which are uniquely generated during event setup. The photographer can download, print, and give these QRs to subjects at an event. The cards are scanned by the subject using their mobile phone. They then enter their contact information. That info is paired to the QR code. QR codes are scanned by a scanner attached to the photographer’s tablet to associate photos to the contact info, positively IDing all photos to the subject.

Data Collection: Uses unique, individual QR codes which subjects scan and input their contact information with their phone. Subjects can keep the QR which turns into a link to their image gallery once images are uploaded.

Upload Images: Images are uploaded live during the event with a tablet

Marketing: Positively ID'd photos are marketed to the associated contact data. The contact is sent a link to their personal image gallery within minutes of the event images going live!

Advantages & Things to Consider

No post event work!

Positively IDs images

QRs can be scanned after the event as well for additional marketing!

This method does require the use of a tablet and scanner.

Requires unique QR code cards, which requires some pre-planning and adds some cost.

A bit slower to photograph using this method due to having to scan each subject's QR code.

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