Facial Recognition Groups

The purpose of using Facial Recognition Groups is to save time and skip collection from people who are already your customer. You may already have a “reference image” and contact information for people you have photographed at another, recent event/job. Those two pieces, contact information and a reference image, make up a Facial Recognition Profile (FRPs). This concept is great for photographers who are hired by the same group routinely. For example, a photographer who takes school portraits in the fall can use the Facial Recognition Profiles and apply them to later jobs such as a graduation ceremony.

Creating Facial Recognition Profiles: Import your own set of contact information and images that you have collected at a previous job (even if it is outside of our system).

Upload Event Images: Automatically via tablet during the event OR manually upload after the event via

Marketing: The reference image provided of each subject is used to find images of the subject throughout the event. Links to personal image galleries are delivered after the first event image upload.

Advantages & Things to Consider

No data collect at event! Makes use of previously collected info & reference images

Still benefits from facial recognition & instant upload/marketing (if using a tablet)

Tablet optional (though they are recommended for faster image upload

Keep in mind there may be more pre-event work and data entry as compared to our selfie registration workflow - still easier than paper order forms!

You'll need to have contact information & images from past events

Roster contact info can often be out-of-date or less effective, so make sure you have recent data

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