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Party Pics Now Workflow


optimizing social photography with an easy to use system
Data Collection & Reference Image Creation Methods
Tap A Face
  • Users create reference images for facial recognition via taping their image on the tablet & inputting their cell phone number and/or email address.
  • Other pictures of the guest at the event are matched to them using facial recognition.
  • Requires a tablet as images are live uploaded and links to images are sent during the event. View Equipment >
  • Users create reference images for facial recognition via scanning a QR code, filling out a short form, and uploading a selfie
  • Requires physical QR code signage to be used at the event to facilitate & encourage selfie-registration
  • Does not require a tablet (but can be used with one) as images are manually uploaded after the event via
After Event Marketing & Product Fulfillment
  • Guests receive a link on the spot to purchase their images at retail pricing.
  • Text/email campaigns are sent to guests to purchase images.
  • Your branding is prominently featured on the retail website, marketing & products.
  • Affordable products & digital downloads are available via link.
  • We produce & ship products directly to the buyer's home and you are paid as quickly as 2 days after the event.
  • Reports are provided automatically.
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